Ryan Family History


Working nights and weekends, my grandfather, Edward J. Ryan, was building the home he promised my grandmother on their wedding day in 1925.

Nearing completion, a man offered to buy that house on Rockwood Drive in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania. After approval from my grandmother, Ed agreed to sell the house and build another. Word soon spread that Ed was building homes for people and before long E.J. Ryan Homes was formed.  A reputation for quality and good value soon established Ryan as a prominent homebuilder in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. 

In 1947, with a commitment to their father’s standards and dreams of their own, Ed’s three sons continued building new homes. Standing firm to the family’s commitment to quality and value, they grew to build thousands of homes in cities across America. 

To date, Ryan Homebuilders have accounted for over 500,000 homes built in this country. Today, as in 1925, building value for the customer is the driving force behind the Ryan name. 

In my family’s tradition, I established Rylea Homes in 1982, and have built over 1200 homes in the Maryland and Virginia area. In earlier years I built up to 125 homes a year. In the past five years I have been building custom homes, all in excess of 5000 sq ft, with a volume of 10 million per year. 

As you plan for your family’s future, I am confident you will find the “Ryan Value” in every home we build. 

Thank you for considering Rylea Homes, Inc. 

James P. Ryan, Jr.